Dapatkan MAPCLUB Poin Setiap Belanja di tumi.co.id
1. MAPCLUB Points Earn is valid for all purchases of TUMI products on tumi.co.id

2. MAPCLUB Points to be given are 100 Points for each purchase of Rp10.000, after promo deductions, before taxes and shipping fee

3. Points Earned will be automatically credited to member’s MAPCLUB App with the same cellphone number as the number used for purchase at tumi.co.id. If the number is not yet registered as a MAPCLUB Member, then our system will automatically register the number, and you will be given further notification. You hereby agree to give permission to tumi.co.id to register your cellphone number as a MAPCLUB Member

4. Points will be credited to the member’s account maximum 14 working days after item is received by the member, without any refund/return

5. Check your Point balance in your MAPCLUB App. More info regarding on how to check your Points and other related conditions, click here OR download MAPCLUB App.

6. For issues and reports regarding Points Earn, please reach MAPCLUB Contact Center (hello@mapclub.com or 1500 627) 

7. Terms & Conditions are subject to change without prior notice
27 September - 31 Desember 2021